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Zimbabwe Women's Bureau (ZWB) is a national membership non-governmental organization that was established in 1978. Since its inception, ZWB has developed and implemented programs aimed at promoting economic sustainability, household food security and sustainable livelihoods for its members and their families throughout Zimbabwe. Membership of ZWB stands at more than 25 000 most of are women. Members join as individuals women, community based organizations and institutions concerned with promotion of sustainable development, equitable and equal access and control of resources by the disadvantaged groups including the infected and affected by HIV and AIDS which is pluralistic, participatory, sustainable and holistic. Zimbabwe Women's Bureau partner with a multitude of local, national and international organizations . Zimbabwe Women's Bureau is efficient, independent and accountable. More than 90 percent of our expended resources support program activities.


In more than 15 districts around the country, we work with poor communities to find lasting solutions to poverty.


Our goal of overcoming poverty means working to ensure that every person enjoys at least the minimum standards.

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